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Fall brings with it a special kind of beauty. The air is crisp and the light is golden, making for a perfect backdrop for a CT fall family photography session with CT Family Photographer Elizabeth Frederick Photography. The D family recently had the pleasure of experiencing just that when we had our autumn leaf family photos taken in an open field. The pictures we captured with the setting sun and vibrant fall foliage will be treasured memories for years to come. Join us as we take a look at the wonderful results of our autumn leaf family photos!

As we arrived at the location for our autumn leaf family photoshoot, we were greeted by a breathtaking sight. An open field stretched out before us, covered in a colorful carpet of fallen leaves. The vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows created a stunning backdrop for our family portraits. The setting sun cast a warm glow on the scene, enhancing the beauty of the autumn foliage. The open field provided plenty of space for the children to run and play, capturing their carefree spirits in the photos. It was the perfect setting to capture the essence of fall and create lasting memories with our loved ones. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the open field and the autumn leaves, we felt a sense of peace and tranquility, truly embracing the beauty of the season.

As the golden hour approached during our autumn leaf family photoshoot, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of anticipation. The setting sun bathed the open field in a warm, golden light, creating a magical atmosphere. The rays of the sun filtered through the colorful autumn foliage, casting a mesmerizing glow. We took advantage of this enchanting moment, positioning ourselves strategically to capture the stunning sunset in the background of our family portraits. The combination of the vibrant fall colors and the golden hues of the setting sun created a breathtaking backdrop for our photos. The soft, warm light added a touch of romance and intimacy to the pictures, making them truly special. It was a surreal experience watching the sun slowly dip below the horizon, knowing that we were capturing timeless memories bathed in its golden rays.

When it comes to planning a fall family photoshoot, choosing the perfect outfits can make all the difference in capturing the essence of the season. Fall is a time of rich, warm colors, and incorporating these hues into your wardrobe can create a harmonious and cohesive look for your family portraits. Consider opting for earthy tones such as deep oranges, rich browns, and warm mustard yellows. These colors not only complement the natural backdrop of autumn leaves, but they also evoke a cozy and inviting feel.

In terms of clothing styles, layering is key during the fall season. Sweaters, cardigans, and scarves add depth and texture to your outfits, while also providing practicality for those cooler temperatures. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and textures, as long as they complement each other and stay within the overall color scheme. Finally, accessories such as hats and boots can add an extra touch of autumnal charm to your family’s look.

By selecting the perfect fall outfits, you can enhance the beauty of your autumn leaf family photoshoot, ensuring that your memories are filled with warmth, love, and the stunning colors of the season.

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  • Studio Christmas Holiday Mini Sessions will be held in my home studio location offering 3 different backdrops for you to pick from. These are great for kids of all ages. Recommended to be at least sitting age to get the most variety.
  • Christmas in the Park Mini Sessions are my newest and starting to gain a lot of popularity. These sessions take place at the Festival of Silver Lights at Hubbard Park in Meriden. They are offered late in the season because we have to wait for the lights to turn on, but they are designed to have a quick turn around time so you can still gift your family and friends.

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