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Feature Friday: Prints | CT Photographer

Well with the launch of my new blog site, I decided I would love to do a series called “Feature Friday”. Each week I will post something that I feel needs to be featured. It will be focusing on Products, Inspiration, Vendors & Local CT Businesses.


To start this week, I would like to focus on Prints. In the past couple years with the rise of the Digital Age, they have really seemed to have gotten a bad rep. But Why? It seems that with these companies that offer printing cheap are making it look like photographers are just out to take your money. Charging a significant mark up for a print that you can get printed for $0.12. That is not the case at all & frankly a whole other post that I can write about later.

I absolutely LOVE the prints that I offer & stand behind them 150%. They are not the same $1 print that you would be getting at a local department store or drugstore. Prints from Elizabeth Frederick Photography are printed on professional photo paper and sprayed with a  lustre coating. Prints 4×6 and larger come mounted on a matboard to retain it’s shape and have a linen texture. You must be asking what all this means, I sure know I asked the same questions. A lustre coating is a matted like texture on the print, it protects the image against glare & finger prints. Mounting the image means your not getting some flimsy piece of paper with your photo on it. I do this to help save the print from wrinkling or tearing. Plus it makes it much more simpler to put in a frame. All prints come in boutique style print boxes & all print orders come with the low resolution web optimized digital images complimentary, so you can still show off your images to family & friends on the internet.


Elizabeth Frederick Photography Prints

One thing to be mindful of when ordering prints is size. The saying  that “Bigger is Better” generally applies to Photography. Now this is not a sales pitch, it’s just how I genuinely feel. Look for yourself:


Here is an example of how an 8×10 would look behind a couch. Doesn’t it look cute? But what is the picture of?

Now here is the same couch, but with an 11×14. Looks a little better right? Can see it a little more.

Let’s try a 16×20. Looks better right? Starting to see that beautiful little girl.

Let’s go really big now, how about a 20×30?

Now that has some “WOW” factor! You can definitely stand across the room and know exactly who is in that picture!

Now here is a comparison of prints side by side. Look how amazing that 30×40 looks compared to the rest.


In closing, you have hired a Photographer to take AMAZING photos of you & your family, so why waste all that money & purchase the disc to print at a local department or drug store who have no idea what they are doing. Ensure that your investment is well taken care of & that your incredible photos you see online are the same photos you cover your walls with!

*Feature Friday is a series of posts where I will feature other local businesses here in Connecticut on the blog. I enjoy networking with others in the community and spreading the word about what all we have to offer here! If you would like your business or place of employment featured in this series, please contact me at Liz@ElizabethFrederickPhotography.com for more information.


Looking for a CT Photographer, CT Child Photographer, CT Newborn Photographer, CT Family Photographer, CT Baby Photographer, CT Maternity Photographer? Email me at Liz@ElizabethFrederickPhotography.com for more details!

  1. Caroljean says:

    Beautifully formatted post….good idea! 🙂

  2. Melinda says:

    This is a great share and I love how you worded the information!

  3. Amanda says:

    Great post! Very informative!

  4. Tara says:

    GREAT post!!! All clients should read this before ordering! I love your packaging too!

  5. Danielle says:

    This is really great. thank you for sharing.

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