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{Feature Friday} How I protect from the flu | Connecticut Newborn Photographer

January 17, 2020


As a Connecticut Newborn Photographer, I find it my personal responsibility to protect any baby that comes through my home studio doors. EFP is extremely dedicated to ensuring your baby’s safety in both physical and health. In the height of the flu season, here is a list of actions I take to ensure your baby’s health safety while at my studio.

  1. My entire family is vaccinated. This includes a yearly flu shot. We’ve also all had whopping cough and other vaccines that a newborn mom would be concerned about. Whether or not you agree with vaccines, I find it very important for us to take whatever precautions we can to ensure the safety of your newborn baby.
  2. Before and after each session, I clean up. This should go without saying, but it is one step I take to kill those nasty germs. I use lysol wipes on everything. All items that were used during the session get washed.
  3. I only schedule 1 newborn session per day. I will never have multiple sessions newborns, so any germs that entire the studio will have time to die before the next session.
  4. I have Automatic Lysol Sprayers going all the time. They automatically spray throughout the day. Even when I’m not there.
  5. Besides laundry, my family does not go into the studio. Lets face it though, no one but me is doing laundry anyway. There is just no other reason to be in the studio area of my home.
  6. I use Hand Sanitizer and practice hand washing always! The entire family does. It’s almost an obsession how much I wash my hands outside the studio.
  7. Outside of the studio, I take care of myself by doubling up on Vitamin C & eating healthy to make sure I am as healthy as possible to fight anything off.
  8. If for some reason someone in my home does become sick, I will contact you right away to let you know & reschedule. I only schedule 5 newborns per month especially in the winter months. This allows a lot of room in my schedule to reschedule and still stay under the 2 week mark. A simple cold for me could be a big deal for a newborn, I will not take any chances.

I know that we cannot prevent all germs, but as your newborn photographer I promise to take whatever precautions I can take to ensure the safety of your newborn while using my newborn photography services. If you have questions, or concerns, feel free to reach out to me directly at Liz@ElizabethFrederickPhotography.com.

Coronavirus Update Here: https://www.elizabethfrederickphotography.com/covid-19-coronavirus-studio-precautions-ct-newborn-baby-photographer

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CT Newborn Photographer Protecting your newborn baby from the flu




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